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1 Friday

2 Saturday

No club cricket

3 Sunday

Came back from furlough 2359hrs. Weather fine no rain today. I have just wrote this to try out a new nib in my fountain–pen.

4 Monday

Went on guard 1600hrs

5 Tuesday

Came off guard 1600hrs

6 Wednesday

My birthday 25. Rained all day

7 Thursday

8 Friday

9 Saturday

Left in

10 Sunday

Left in

11 Monday

Tobacco , matches , tool 2/6 (two and sixpence)

12 Tuesday

Bar 2/4

Billiards 1/-

13 Wednesday

Tea  6d

14 Thursday

Tobacco Irish 2/3

Pictures Icecream 1/6

Tea 3d

15 Friday

2 boot brushes ¼

Tea 3d

Tish matches 3d

Beer 2/4

Billiards 1/6

Fish chips 1/6

16 Saturday

Made 30 for field regt., train fare 1/3

17 Sunday

Left in

18 Monday

19 Tuesday

Frances XYZ

20 Wednesday

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26 Friday

Started final leave from Rangiora

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6 Saturday

Finished my final leave

8 Monday

Went to Burnham Camp ready for overseas

13 Saturday

Went A.W.L. from Burnham

14 Sunday

Left Burnham 4pm for Trentham

15 Monday

Arrived Trentham 8.40am, raining. Breakfast 10.00am Dinner 12.00am Tea 5.30pm

18 Thursday

Had 3 teeth out at Trentham Dentle Hospital

21 Sunday

Went into Wellington on leave

22 Monday

Started work in earnest.

30 Tuesday

Had my vaccination

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1 Thursday

Went to the range 200 5 snaps 200 App 22

2 Friday

Went to the wharf to work

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15 Saturday

Left Wellington 0720hrs Dominion Monarch. 27155 tons Gross. Circled around the harbour twice and then straight out must have made a very wide turn for we did not know if for a long time that we was going along the East Coast of NZ. We went right around the bottom of NZ did not even see Stewart Island it was very cold an icy wind.

16 Sunday

One day out the sea was rough and a lot of the boys are sick, there is a mess that will have to be cleaned up when we are all right again as it is no use doing it until everybody is alright again.

17 Monday

2 days out , alright but sea very rough boys still sick

18 Tuesday

3 days out at 0720hrs. Sea balm wind cold. Still feeling alright. Don’t know where we are going. I think


19 Wednesday

4 days out 0720hrs

20 Thursday

Clocks have now been put back 3 ½ hours. 5 days out

21 Friday

6 days out Clocks ½ back. Passed under a storm , could not see anything above us but the horison was as clear as anything. A very good sight in its way. Watched the sun rise and seet within the usual 12 hrs a truly wonderful sight out of the sea and back On guard.

22 Saturday

7 days out at 0715hrs

We now have three Cruisers for our escort. Should pull in to Freemantle at 1400hrs. Time now 0830 hrs no sight of land yet, it is a fine day. Sea very calm.

23 Sunday

Sighted land 1200hrs. Berth at Freemantle 1700hrs. Trained in goods cars to Perth 12 miles did not see much of city was to late. Slums terrible. Got drunk first time in my life and the last I hope. Vomited terribly. Wellington to Fremantle 18 days 8hrs 30min

24 Monday

Marched through Freemantle. Very hard rain after tea. Jumped boat, caught bus to Perth bought 24 oranges 6/- Also 3lb grapes 2/- Still feel sick from being drunk.

25 Tuesday

New Amsterdam arrived in Freemantle 1015hrs 3000 yanks from Islands, they are going with our convoy. They got leave we did not, the Aussie people could not cope with the crowd. Was still raining this morning.. Down to 6/4 ½

26 Wednesday

Left Freemantle 0937 hrs so good bye Aussie. Lost at cards again this brings me down to 1pound 2/6. A week ago I had 11 pounds. We have two light cruisers for an escort. W.A. people very broadminded and friendly. Licensed brothels which I never even seen. Good homes in Perth. Fremantle houses very slum, wood and dirty, just a seaport.

27 Thursday

Going NW from Aussie.

Were told to put shorts on. I changed mine, cold wind. I think our next port is Durban, S.Africa. Sighted a small whale could see spout from it about 400yds (star) Time 0940hrs. Sea rolled bad last night things falling everywhere, plates etc. One ship (cruiser) left us during the night. Clocks go back ½ hr.

28 Friday

Seen flying fish size of herring flew about 30yds. Bed ticks were found today, just ripped down bunks and put them out the porthole, then slept on the floor. My cabins alright so far, was feeling sick but was only dried apricots I ate at dinner. Done the same thing last time shall have no more. Clocks go back another ½ hour. Are going to spray the whole of A deck tomorrow with Flit (?)

29 Saturday

It is now 14 days since we left Wellington at 0715hrs. Today very hot. Guards allowed to wear shorts on duty. Put clocks back another ½ hour. Met on the boat. Val Osbourn, Maurice Borland (school)

30 Sunday

Coming to the equator, very hot. Have seen a fish they call the Bombay duck. It can be seen in the water at night. It shines like a light it looks like a gel(?) Sea calm. Cigs, tobacco, bic, Cig papers getting short on the boat. I think we are going to Aden

31 Monday

Very hot again . Wrote to Frances ready to post at the next port of call don’t know what it is yet Aden most likely. Escort vessel had gun practise. Got payed received 1 pound. Clocks went back another ½ hour

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